Studio Closed

January 01, 2019


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Our classes are suitable for beginners, seniors, individuals with injuries or health concerns.
Our classes are also suitable for students who have gained knowledge of commonly practiced postures and are comfortable to move beyond beginners.

*Please discuss with your instructor if you have any injuries or medical conditions prior
to taking a class. !
* Please arrive early for class as doors will be locked once a class has started. !

Ask us for our Private/ Corporate/ In School/Onsite Yoga Classes.

The aim of yoga is to experience PRANA, the universal source of life-energy and breath. Movement, meditation, energetic alignments, chanting, visualizations, chakra work, and pranayama are also often integrated within each class. 

Give us the honor to lead you in a Yoga class to nurture, relax and replenish your mind and body.  Let us take you on a journey of inner strength and peace.