Nirvana Yoga Teacher Training

Part 1: Yoga Foundations Course – 80 hours (Open to all yoga students) - July 17 - 28, 2017 (M-F)

Part 2: Become A Teacher – 120 hour  (Part 1 is Pre-requisite) - Aug 7 - 25, 2017 (M-F)

The Next Step:

Deep Yoga Teacher Training – 30 hours (Parts 1 & 2 Pre-requisite OR equivalent 200-hour training)

Welcome to your first step toward self-transformation through yoga!  Nirvana Yoga (Also Known As Nirvana School of Yoga) has been transforming students into teachers since 2003. The Kripalu style is gentle and meditative, from an ancient lineage of hatha/kundalini yoga, and infused with an innovative and sophisticated methodology that is sourced in the innate intelligence of the prana body. The Kripalu tradition connects us with a worldwide community of teachers and is recognized as one of the most influential styles of yoga in North America.

Our program director, Asha Gayle Dieleman, is a former director of teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, North America’s largest yoga retreat center, and home-base for thousands of yoga practitioners and teachers world-wide who have been inspired by the unique teachings and methodology of Kripalu Yoga.

Do not be afraid of the dark. Just turn on the light.

                       Swami Kripalu