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Event postponed until Spring


Join us for a meditative-interactive-friendly-community based art Workshop

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Creating art is a huge stimulation of the brain: it can feel empowering and stimulating. And a wonderful healing tool. It is a discovery of your own creativity, artistic skills and it gives the possibility to start something new or step outside boundaries. This is one reason we are bringing the Kulturelia light lines art projects to Healing Movements Yoga Studio.

In this workshop we will start our journey with a Healing Meditation and Intention setting led by Jody and Pat, and then put our intentions to canvas using Light Lines Painting.

Aurelia art2.jpg

In The Light Lines Painting experience, the first step of the experience is to create the painting on a glass panel through which light will be projected. The designs on the glass are created by the artist Aurelia Bizouard around one major theme. Our theme will be part of the Healing Spiritual energy of our studio and our community.

The second step is to engage our community in the creative process by having you paint and fill-out with colours the lines of light on a canvas from the projection of the glass artwork.  Everyone participating in the art will receive a print of the artwork signed by Aurelia Bizouard to take home as part of their healing journey.



Aurelia Bizouard is a visual artist, she creates art with glass panels, representing a metaphor for life, the importance of living and the uniqueness of everything around us. From the contemplation of human existence to the beauty of the ordinary things surrounding us, she searches for the hidden meaning of life and its beauty: how to express the world we see, the emotions and the importance of being connected to each other’s?

Aurelia forces us to stop and be immersed into a moment in life that art influences to break the conformism of a society. Contemplation, travels and people unleash her creativity. Her work is created with reverse painting on glass, sometimes using light, colours or other ways to play and innovate with glass.

Aurelia develops immersive art projects at KULTURELIA, creating murals or canvasses and light experiences with her glass art in order to connect people to art, to themselves and to each other’s.

Today, this French artist lives between Paris and Vancouver. Her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in East Vancouver and she is also represented in Los Angeles.

September 8, 2018

1pm - 4pm

Event postponed until spring



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